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                            Why you should choose Sunras’ baby spa

                            Baby massage brings you such magical time to have bonding between mom, dad and baby face to face and heart to heart. 

                            A lot of researches suggest that baby massage eases babiesstress and helps babies to focus on things, grow and have deep sleep. It is also widely known to build strong bond between babies and their parents.

                            Baby Massage, Helping Circulation for Baby

                            Babies  in their moms tummy: their bodies  are still immature and mostly consist of water (90%). 
                            Their body circulation is yet deteriorated. Thus, baby massage helps babies to grow and develop their body by stimulating circulation. 
                            Professor Shim Jung-myo, a Korean expert of lymph drainage, joins SUNRANS to develop such baby massage.

                            The above pictures are the newest arrival of baby spas , if any of them interest you, please feel free to contact us~!

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